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Reception Curriculum Leaflet Autumn 2017

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Reception Curriculum Leaflet Summer 2016

Reception Curriculum leaflet Spring 2016

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Have a look at our Blogs below to see some of the exciting things we have done in Reception during 2018-19

Reception BLOG week ending 12.10.18

Reception BLOG week ending 28.09.18

Reception BLOG week ending 14.09.18

Have a look at our Blogs below to see some of the exciting things we have done in Reception

Reception BLOG week ending 15.06.18

Reception BLOG week ending 18.05.18

Reception BLOG week ending 03.0518

Week ending 20.04.18

Reception have come back after half term very excited to learn!
In English we have made a new friend, George, from the story ‘Greedy Zebra’. In the story we found out that he got his stripes by eating too many leaves, so many that he went pop! We have been designing a new coat for him and describing them to George.
In Mathematics we have been grouping and sharing within teen numbers.
Outdoors we have been exploring African instruments and making our own music as well as exploring plants. We even found ladybirds and have been doubling and halving their spots!
Before we broke up for half term Reception enjoyed a trip to Stockley farm. Reception learn all about the story of milk and enjoyed a tractor ride. Reception met a lot of different farm animals and even bottle-fed goats!

Week ending 23.3.18

Over the last two weeks Reception have been retelling the journey of Rosie’s walk and have been predicting what would happen to the fox next.

After reading the story of the ‘Little Red Hen’ Reception made their own healthy pizzas. They then went on a visit to an allotment to see where hens live and even collected their eggs!

In Mathematics we have been doubling and halving as well as exploring teen numbers.

Reception also went to songfest and performed their own song about a train! They used instruments and added actions to their song. They sang beautifully.

Week ending 9.3.18

Reception have been busy this week learning all about the farm and the life cycle of a hen. We have been exploring and drawing Daffodils and discussing what plants need to grow.

In English we have been reading the story of ‘The Little Red Hen’, retelling the story and discussing what makes a good friend.

In Mathematics we have been grouping and sharing, helping farm McDonald group animals evenly on his fields.

We have enjoyed World Book Day, dressing up as our favourite characters, sharing our favourite books and going on book hunts.

Week ending 23.02.18

Before Reception broke up for half term we had a very busy week! We celebrated Chinese New Year and created our own restaurant. We enjoyed Chinese food and made up our own dragon dances. On the last of term, we had our own Cinderella ball. We dressed up as princes and princesses and did ballroom dancing before our banquet.

This term we will be focusing on the farm. This week Reception became detectives when farmer McDonald’s animals went missing, Reception listened to the clues carefully to find the missing animals.

In maths we have been exploring adding and taking away numbers within ten by telling first, then and now stories using farm animals.

cinderella balll day pdf

Chinese new year day pdf

Week ending 2.02.18

Over the last two weeks Reception have been reading the story of ‘The Three Little Pigs’ and have been discussing good and bad characters. From this we decided that the wolf was nasty and very bad. We then made our own wanted posters to try and find him after he had run away.
In Mathematics we have been learning all about the seasons and the months of the year as well as discussing our daily routines.
We have been outdoors investigating and painting ice and we have been learning all about weddings and the royal family.
We were really excited when our grown-ups came in to read with us! We enjoyed sharing all of our reading games and activities with you and hope that next term you will join us for our stay and play with maths activities!

Week ending 19.1.18
Reception have come back after Christmas very excited to learn and what a busy two weeks we have had! We have had 3 Art days learning all about different light festivals and exploring different colours. Our role-play corner has changed to the Nursery Rhyme Shop. We have been busy making our own wands and crowns to sell in it. In English we have been reading the story of Cinderella and adding our own actions to the story. In Mathematics we have been exploring subtraction and learning about measure. As well as this we have been investigating ways we can stay healthy and making our own healthy fruit wands.

Week ending 1st December 2017

We have had such a busy week in Reception! We have been reading ‘How to Catch a Star’ and thought of how we would catch one. We thought about climbing a ladder and using a net but we realised we would have leave Earth to catch one! We decided that maybe a rocket would be the best way to catch a star. Also this week a Sainsbury’s lorry came to school, the tyres were as big as us! We sat inside and we couldn’t see our friends. We found out that it was very tricky for lorry drivers to see us so we need to be careful near the roads. On Friday a policeman came to visit us and we all wore our own badges and pretended to be policemen and women. We learnt all about how the police keep us safe at night and how police dogs help them by running fast. We went outside and sat in the police car, it even had a computer it in! We loved the flashing lights! 

Pictures of visitors to school

Week ending 3rd November 2017

We have been very busy in Reception this week! We went on a visit to the library. We listened to stories, looked at books and sang some nursery rhymes; we even got to take a book home! For PE we had some special visitors in who played instruction games and we pretended to be superheroes. In literacy we have been reading the story ‘Going on a Bear Hunt’ and we looked up different kinds of bears on the computer, we then went on a bear hunt of our own!

Week ending 20th October 2017

This week we have been reading the story of Stanley’s stick. We have been imagining what our sticks could be, from magic pens that create drawings that come to life to stick insects. In maths we have been learning about repetitive patterns and have even painted our own. As well as this we have been learning about why it is important to wash our hands, even when they look clean! We know that germs are invisible! 

Week ending 6th October 2017


This week in Reception we have been learning all about the Oxford Reading Tree characters, ready to take home our own reading books. We have been on character hunts, matching the characters and celebrating Kippers birthday party in our role-play area. In maths we have been matching objects and discussing equal sets. We were very lucky this week as Premier Sports came in to teach us how to dribble a ball. We had fun moving around in different ways pretending to be aeroplanes, landing and taking off in different ways.  

Week ending 22nd September 2017

This week in Reception we have been learning all about our families. We have been looking at pictures of us when we were babies and talking about how much we have grown! In maths we have been sorting objects into groups and learning how to catch a ball in our first PE lesson.

Week ending 8th September 2017

Our new Reception children are settling beautifully in their new learning environment. This term we will be making lots of new friends, getting used to school routines and finding out about our likes and dislikes. We will be sharing lots of stories and songs as well as learning our nursery rhyme ‘head, shoulders, knees and toes’.

Thank you for helping make the transition into ‘Big School’ easier by keeping hand overs in the morning positive and fun. It has made a huge difference in helping the children start their next learning adventure.

Week ending 30th June 2017


We are all enjoying our seaside topic and we have read lots of stories.  We really enjoyed “Billy’s Bucket” when we imagined what we would have in our own buckets.  We did lots of talking about the sea creatures in the sea and we tried to use lots of good words.  We are trying to plan our own seaside stories now.

In maths, we have been doing patterns and we have practised making repeated patterns on beadstrings, on pegboards in the construction with lego blocks and using colourful teddy bears.  We have done some very complicated patterns!

In RE we have been thinking about special places.  We thought about places that are special to us, who we go there with and what we do and we have also thought about why the church is a special place.  We have discussed the different parts of the church and why people go to church for special times.

We all had a lovely sports day!  We enjoyed sitting in our houses and cheering on our friends to do their best.  At the end of all our activities, we were very tired indeed!

Week ending 16th June 2017

Hi bloggers,

Welcome back to the last half term.  This is always such a busy time but we are showing all our teachers how ready we are to move into year one!  We are such good listeners, well behaved and sensible that everyone thinks we are ready for Year 1 now.

We all really enjoyed celebrating Science week where we read “The Tiny Seed” and we looked at plants in class.  Our favourite part was Mad Science Day when we dressed up as mad scientists and went to different classrooms around school to carry out lots of Science investigations.  We made lava lamps, planted seeds, set off rockets and made spaghetti buildings!  It was so much fun and we learned so much!

All the teachers are so impressed with our maths work and we have been doing some tricky maths work like word problems, sharing, counting on and back on a number line.  We will now begin our new topic which is about the seaside.  We have lots of fun things planned over the next few weeks.  We will keep you posted about what we are up to!

Week ending 26th May 2017

Welcome to our final blog of this half term.  We have all had such a busy few weeks we are all happy to have a little rest before the final half term in reception.  We are practising hard at being grown up and ready for our move into Year 1.  All of the teachers think we are ready for Year 1 soon.

Last week we had to say goodbye to our chicks.  All ten of our chick eggs hatched and we loved watching them sleep and flap their wings.  We all held the chicks and we watched them run around the classroom playing with each other.  It was very interesting to see how they changed by starting to grow feathers on their wings and their tails.  We had to look after them making sure they had water and food each day and a clean cage.

This week we have enjoyed a trip to Haydock library where we read the story of Handa’s Surprise and we looked at other books from around the world.   We enjoyed finding out about Africa and we did a book treasure hunt around the library.  It was lots of fun!  The library is a wonderful place to borrow books so if you aren’t a member maybe you could go and join this holiday!

After the holiday we will carry on looking at Africa for a few weeks and then we will be moving onto the seaside.

Have a lovely week off school, don’t forget to read your reading book but most of all have fun and be safe.


Week ending 12th May 2017

Thank you for reading our most recent blog.  This week we have all had a very exciting week in class.  On Monday our ten chick eggs were delivered and on Tuesday our first chick hatched out.  It was a girl and we loved watching her wriggling around and cheeping.  She had to spend the night in the incubator to dry off as when the chicks first hatch they are wet.  By Wednesday morning we had five chicks in total!  Four more had hatched overnight.  And by the end of the day we had all ten.  Now they have dried off, we can see that we have 7 boy chicks and 3 girls and we have loved letting them out on the tray in class to have a run. They are in their brooder now where we have to give them fresh water and food each day and we have to make sure that we clean them out.

As part of this we have been learning facts about hens.  Did you know that a hen only lays one egg a day?  A male is called a rooster and the brown chicks are the girls while the yellow ones are boys.  If you find any more facts then do let us know!

In maths we have been adding and even using a numberline to do this.  It was tricky work but we have all done really well.

Our new outdoor area is now ready so just to add to the excitement this week we have enjoyed playing in it!  The water wall is amazing and we love pretending to be builders and mechanics.

We will put more photos on as soon as we take some more!

Week ending 28th April 2017


We hope you all had a lovely and relaxing Easter holiday!  We have had a very busy start to a new term and last week we completed our work on the farm by visiting Stockley Farm in Warrington.  It was a wonderful day!  We saw all the animals such as the cows, pigs, hens, sheep and horses.  We loved looking at the baby animals and we fed the baby goats their milk from a bottle!  They were so bouncy and excited to come and play with us all.  We went on a tractor ride, we petted the rabbits and guinea pigs and we fed the cows!  We were all very tired by the end of the day.

In the first week back we also had to say goodbye to father Rodney as he leaves Haydock to go to Spain.  We all enjoyed doing a special assembly for him and we enjoyed sharing his cake with him when he came into class.  We will miss him doing our collective worship on a Thursday but we all wish him Good Luck in his new adventure!

We have now moved onto a new topic all about Africa. We have read the story of “Handa’s Surprise” and we have practised retelling the story using props.  We tasted some of the African fruits from the story and they were all very delicious!

In Maths we are looking at halving numbers by sharing into two groups.  We have practised sharing out equally and we will be doing more of this in the next weeks.  We are still singing all of our songs from YouTube to help remember our doubles, halves and counting.

Thank you for reading FS2 blog!

Week ending 31st March 2017

Hello thank you for reading our last blog before the Easter break.  We have all had such a hectic term doing lots of wonderful learning.  Over the past few weeks we have been learning about money in maths. We have counted how much money we have in our purses and we counted the totals in 1s, 2s and 10s.  It was quite tricky but we all kept on going!

In our literacy work we have been finding out facts about the farm using a variety of non-fiction books.  We looked at the contents page and how it helps us to find the page we want, then we looked at the real photographs and we had a go at writing facts in our own book about the farm. Do you know how to milk a cow?  Do you know why pigs roll in mud?  Do you know how ducks keep their feathers waterproof?  If you find any more fact then do let us know!

We have all enjoyed finding out the real meaning of Easter.  We love to eat chocolate and have eggs but we have read the story of how Jesus died for us and done some lovely activities to help us understand what Easter is really about.  We all shared bread and wine as Jesus did in his last supper, we have written prayers to help someone and we enjoyed making our Easter crosses to name just a few!

We hope you all have a lovely and safe break and we look forward to more fun learning when we return.  Don’t forget we have our trip to Stockley Farm on 26th April.  Happy Easter everyone!

Week ending 17th March 2017

Thank you for reading our blog.  What a busy few weeks we’ve all had.  We are still looking at the farm as our topic and we have read the story of Little Red Hen.  We talked about sharing, helping others and being kind to everyone which linked nicely to our RE Easter topic and random acts of kindness.  In maths we have started to count in 2s and 10s and we have looked at one more and one less than numbers to 10.

We all really enjoyed our trip to the Storybarn in Liverpool where we read lots of stories, did some artwork and explored the beautiful Calderstones Park.  The weather was lovely and we all had a wonderful day!  Take a look at our photos!

We have also learned about Fairtrade as we had a cake sale to raise money for farmers in poorer counties who work hard to grow things for us!  We made chocolate cakes, coffee cakes and banana muffins and the money goes to help these people.  Next time you are in the supermarket try to look out for the Fairtrade logo and buy some products!

Week ending 3rd March 2017

Hello and welcome back to another fun term in reception!  What an amazing start to the new term we have all had.  Our new topic is the farm.  We have been thinking about farm animals in our stories “Who’s in the shed?” and “What the ladybird heard.”  We have done some wonderful activities around these books like listening walks around school, Wanted posters for the robbers, lots of story maps and descriptions of animals.  We have painted farm animals using lots of materials like feathers, wool and tissue paper and we have been weighing the farm animals in our maths to see which are the heaviest and lightest.

On Tuesday 28th February we celebrated French carnival.  We all dressed up as book characters or in red, white and blue and we learned all about the carnival celebration in Paris.  We made hats to celebrate and we tasted delicious crepes which is a traditional carnival food.  We sang some French songs and we even watched Peppa Pig in French.

Week ending 10th February 2017

Thanks for taking the time to read our blog.  This week we are finishing off our work on traditional tales and fairy tales.  We have read Hansel and Gretel and we have written some fantastic wanted posters for the mean, nasty witch.  We also linked this story to healthy eating where we had to make a healthy food plate.  We spoke about the foods we should eat most of and those foods which we should eat less often.

In Maths we have been looking at 3D shapes like cylinders, spheres, cubes, pyramids, cuboids and cones and we all went on a shape hunt to look for some of these shapes around school.  Maybe you could look for some of these shapes as you come to and from school each day.  We didn’t find many pyramids or cones around our school so try to keep a look out when you are out and about.

We have also been doing lots of singing this week.  We have been practising a song with sign language for our special “Sign to sing” assembly this Friday.  It is all about how we work better together and this is something which we all practise very often in our class!

Have a lovely and safe half term holiday!

Week ending 27th January 2017

This week we are having a wonderful week in reception.  We have been celebrating Chinese New Year.  Did you know that this year is the year of the rooster?   We have read the story of the Great race and how the years all became to be named after twelve animals.  We have tried to do some Chinese writing and we have made some beautiful lanterns to decorate our classroom.  It was a bit tricky because we had to listen carefully to the instructions so that we did not go wrong and we had to practise holding our scissors correctly.  In our continuous provision, we have been making lucky red envelopes, retelling the story of the great race in the water and we have made Chinese dragons in the dough and paint.  We are all looking forward to tasting some Chinese foods like noodles, rice, prawn crackers and spring rolls.

In maths, we have finished our work on take away and we are starting to look at estimating.

In RE we are still looking at “Stories that Jesus heard.”  We have read the story of the great flood and we made promises to God and we have written prayers to thank God just like in the story of Daniel and the lions den.

We will show some photos of our learning soon!

Week ending 20th January 2017

We have all had such a busy few weeks since we returned to school after Christmas.  On the first week back we went to a pantomime “Aladdin”.  We all had such a great time and we enjoyed singing along to the songs and dancing at the end!  We have also had a reading morning where our grown-ups came into class to read stories to us and we have a stay and play session planned for 27th January – please come in and explore our classroom and how we learn.  We can’t wait to show you!

We have started a new topic which is called “Will you read me a story?”  It is all about traditional tales and fairy tales and we have read stories such as Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood and Jack and the Beanstalk.  We have practised retelling the stories and we have been working so hard on our writing.  We even had a glass slipper in our outdoor area.  It was left on the steps and we had to write wanted posters to find out to whom the shoe belonged.  Luckily Cinderella saw the posters and came to collect her shoe but it was beautiful, sparkly and pretty and we wanted to keep it!

In maths we have been looking at our “teens numbers”, doing lots of counting, doubling and addition.  We love singing songs to help with our maths learning so if you have time why not pop onto YouTube and have a sing-a-long?  Here are some of the links to songs we love in reception:






We will soon be moving onto taking away so if you find any fun songs we can sing, do let us know.

Thanks for reading our blog!

Week ending 2nd December 2016

Emily Brown and the Thing

We have used one of the stories the children loved sharing to discover other books related to the themes and characters in ‘Emily Brown and The Thing’. In the story Emily and her soft toy Stanley find a ‘Thing’ crying outside their window. They embark on a series of adventures to find everything he needs for a good night’s sleep… but nothing seems to work. We explored what was troubling the Thing, and why can’t he get to sleep. The children’s learning included fact finding about how sleep is good for us and why tooth brushing is an important bedtime routine. We used Beebot robots to sequence pictures from the story and wrote lists of things to help ‘Thing’ get a good night rest.

In Maths we continue to promote the language of more and fewer as children compare groups of objects. Saying the number that is one more has been the latest focus. Thank you for sharing in our nocturnal animal sorting challenge. Activities like this really support early maths skills. In class the children have looked closely at information about animals that stay awake at night and have used this to label their own observational drawings.


Week ending 18th November 2016

What happens when I fall asleep?

It has been a very busy couple of weeks in Reception class. Using stories and information books the children have explored the night sky and space. We looked first at the stars and moon and then included astronauts and rockets in our learning. The Oliver Jeffers’ story ‘How to Catch a Star’ stimulated children’s interest in this topic and they have created a display of ‘star catchers’ and story maps. ‘The Starry Night’ painting by Van Gogh inspired some of our young artists to paint their own version of this famous artwork. This past week we have developed interest in a favourite story by Jill Murphy, ‘Whatever Next’. Children used story props and sequencing pictures to retell the imaginative story about Baby Bear’s trip to the moon in his cardboard box rocket.

In Maths our challenges have supported the children to estimate how many objects they can see and then check by counting them. The Mathematical language of more and fewer as children compare groups of objects has been the latest focus. Thank you for sharing in our rocket making home learning challenge. These wonderful models have given us many opportunities to develop mathematical language talking about 3D shape and measures. It has been a pleasure to observe children’s growing confidence and ability to express themselves as they share talk about their rocket models to the whole class group.

Week ending 4th November 2016

Festival  Fun

Our children returned from the half-term break ready to share lots of lovely talk and thinking about holiday times. We used this to develop our speaking skills as children work towards expressing themselves effectively and showing awareness of listeners’ needs. This past week we have looked at a variety of festivals with the children building on their own family experiences. Diwali, Bonfire night and Remembrance Day have been explored to build on the children’s awareness of similarities and differences between themselves and others, and between families, communities and traditions. We acted out the story of Rama and Sita, joined in a tradition Indian stick dance and created diva candles as we learnt about the Hindu festival of light called Diwali. Children linked their learning to light festivals celebrated with their own families.

We were thrilled to be joined in class on the last day of term by our year 6 buddies to share our favourite stories. Following our visit to Haydock Library the children’s pleasure in reading grows daily and they have started to record reviews of their favourite stories and recommend them to other children in class. We love books!

Week ending 14th October 2016

Moving, Exploring and Playing with Numbers

Take a look at our photographs of the children’s recent learning. We have used PE lessons to support children’s experiences of moving freely with pleasure and confidence in a range of ways. Can you slither, shuffle, roll, hop, skip and slide? Our outdoor focus on identifying birds visiting the school grounds led to a creative learning experience. Using their observations of the detailed bird features children constructed their own wood pigeons, robins, magpies and blackbirds. In Maths we made maracas to record knowledge of numerals and to practice counting. The children realise that not only objects but anything can be counted including steps, claps or jumps! Thank you for joining us for our welcome assembly. It was a wonderful opportunity for the children to share their growing repertoire of songs and dances as they celebrated this annual special time at St James’.

Week ending 30th September 2016
Rhymes, sounds and numbers

Our focus over the past two weeks in Reception has been games to increase the children’s enjoyment of rhyming and rhythmic activities. We have used musical instruments and simple games such as rhyming soup and bingo. Awareness of alliteration has been extended through games like “Bertha the Bus” and “Silly Soup.” Using Jolly Phonics songs we have learnt the sounds ‘s’ ‘a’ ‘t’ ‘p’ ‘I’ ‘n’ ‘m’ ‘d’. Stories chosen by the children for daily story time have included ‘The little Red hen’, ‘Three Little Pigs’, ‘The Frog Prince’ and ‘Little Red Riding Hood’. We have used these books and puppets to encourage children to join in with repeated refrains and anticipates key events and phrases in stories.

Lots of our maths learning takes place outside focusing on recognising numerals and counting to and beyond 10. In the mud kitchen and outdoor water area children are encouraged to measure and use positional language. Sustained construction activity teaches children to use shapes appropriately for tasks. Often the children use the spaces they create such as dens or vehicles to engage in imaginative role play. This skill is very important in developing ability to tell stories and future creative writing. The area of understanding of the world is being supported by encouraging the children to notice detailed features of natural objects. We have enjoyed bird watching and using resources such as conkers, acorns and fir cones in our counting.

Week ending 16th September 2016
Settling in, Needs and Interests

Our new Reception children are settling beautifully in their new learning environment. We have spent the past two weeks making new friends, getting used to school routines and finding out about children’s interests to include in our planning for this half-term. Thank you for helping make the transition into ‘Big School’ easier by keeping hand overs in the morning positive and fun. It has made a huge difference in helping the children start their next learning adventure. We have been sharing lots of stories, songs and rhymes to explore feelings and emotions. Numbers and sounds have been the focus of our child initiated learning both indoors and outside as we find out what the children can already do, are interested in and want to learn next.

Week ending 8th July 2016
Enterprise, Culture and Road to Rio

The past two weeks have been very busy for our Reception children. Thank you for buying from our Candles ‘R’ Us school enterprise business. We are running low on stock and expect to have made a healthy profit from our candle jar sales. All proceeds are donated to charity but there is a prize for the class who make the most profit. During culture week the children have studied collage art techniques and the work of artist Ted Harrison. We have looked at England and Great Britain as we researched facts about the athlete Tom Daley. Continuing the English theme our Reception children enjoyed an old English style dance workshop as part of the Road to Rio learning adventure. We have also studied maps, the Olympic rings, Olympic values and practiced for sports day.

Week Ending 24th June 2016
The rougher the seas, the smoother we sail. Ahoy!

Two action packed weeks in Reception so far this term with lots more excitement planned for the weeks ahead. Take a look at our photographs; the children all enjoyed the Aspirations Day. Talk and thinking around their jobs for the future has been recorded in our floor book. Did you stay and play with us last Friday? We shared a mini-beast quiz reflecting on the learning from our topic last half- term; “Six legs and four wings that are almost see through? I live near a pond. What am I?” There are also some photographs of our writing. We are very proud of all the children’s achievement in this area. After sharing the stories “Billy’s Bucket” and “Come Away from the Water Shirley” our young writers produced wonderful descriptions of sea creatures and pirate characters’ feelings.

Week ending 10th June 2016
Summer Fun.

All the children had a fantastic week learning about the Queen Elizabeth II and then celebrating at the end of the week with a garden party for her 90th Birthday. We shared stories: ‘The Queen’s Knickers’ and ‘The Queen’s Hat’ as we learnt about London landmarks and the Union Jack flag. This week we have immersed ourselves in a new topic, “Who Lives in a rock pool?” We have explored Andy Goldsworthy’s Seashore art and used coloured jelly fish to help us count in groups of 5!

Week ending 20th May 2016
Marvellous Mini-beasts.

The children in FS2 are having wonderful time learning about mini-beasts. They have planted flower seeds to attract more bees and butterflies to the school Woodland Garden and have set up their own Snail Watch.  Investigations included snail snack testing, a snail race and snail art. We stress that no snails have been harmed in any of our activities! Using computer programming skills all the children have created their own mini-beast game.

Have look at some of the wonderful experiences our reception children do.