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Have a look at our Blogs below to see some of the exciting things we have done in Reception during 2018-19

Reception BLOG week ending 14.06.19

Reception BLOG week ending 26.04.19

Reception BLOG week ending 29.03.19

Reception BLOG week ending 15.03.19

Reception BLOG week ending 01.03.19

Reception BLOG week ending 08.02.19

Reception BLOG week ending 25.01.19

Reception BLOG week ending 11.01.19

Reception BLOG week ending 30.11.18

Reception BLOG week ending 16.11.18

Reception BLOG week ending 02.11.18

Reception BLOG week ending 12.10.18

Reception BLOG week ending 28.09.18

Reception BLOG week ending 14.09.18

Have a look at our Blogs below to see some of the exciting things we have done in Reception

Reception BLOG week ending 15.06.18

Reception BLOG week ending 18.05.18

Reception BLOG week ending 03.0518

Week ending 20.04.18

Reception have come back after half term very excited to learn!
In English we have made a new friend, George, from the story ‘Greedy Zebra’. In the story we found out that he got his stripes by eating too many leaves, so many that he went pop! We have been designing a new coat for him and describing them to George.
In Mathematics we have been grouping and sharing within teen numbers.
Outdoors we have been exploring African instruments and making our own music as well as exploring plants. We even found ladybirds and have been doubling and halving their spots!
Before we broke up for half term Reception enjoyed a trip to Stockley farm. Reception learn all about the story of milk and enjoyed a tractor ride. Reception met a lot of different farm animals and even bottle-fed goats!

Week ending 23.3.18

Over the last two weeks Reception have been retelling the journey of Rosie’s walk and have been predicting what would happen to the fox next.

After reading the story of the ‘Little Red Hen’ Reception made their own healthy pizzas. They then went on a visit to an allotment to see where hens live and even collected their eggs!

In Mathematics we have been doubling and halving as well as exploring teen numbers.

Reception also went to songfest and performed their own song about a train! They used instruments and added actions to their song. They sang beautifully.

Week ending 9.3.18

Reception have been busy this week learning all about the farm and the life cycle of a hen. We have been exploring and drawing Daffodils and discussing what plants need to grow.

In English we have been reading the story of ‘The Little Red Hen’, retelling the story and discussing what makes a good friend.

In Mathematics we have been grouping and sharing, helping farm McDonald group animals evenly on his fields.

We have enjoyed World Book Day, dressing up as our favourite characters, sharing our favourite books and going on book hunts.

Week ending 23.02.18

Before Reception broke up for half term we had a very busy week! We celebrated Chinese New Year and created our own restaurant. We enjoyed Chinese food and made up our own dragon dances. On the last of term, we had our own Cinderella ball. We dressed up as princes and princesses and did ballroom dancing before our banquet.

This term we will be focusing on the farm. This week Reception became detectives when farmer McDonald’s animals went missing, Reception listened to the clues carefully to find the missing animals.

In maths we have been exploring adding and taking away numbers within ten by telling first, then and now stories using farm animals.

cinderella balll day pdf

Chinese new year day pdf

Week ending 2.02.18

Over the last two weeks Reception have been reading the story of ‘The Three Little Pigs’ and have been discussing good and bad characters. From this we decided that the wolf was nasty and very bad. We then made our own wanted posters to try and find him after he had run away.
In Mathematics we have been learning all about the seasons and the months of the year as well as discussing our daily routines.
We have been outdoors investigating and painting ice and we have been learning all about weddings and the royal family.
We were really excited when our grown-ups came in to read with us! We enjoyed sharing all of our reading games and activities with you and hope that next term you will join us for our stay and play with maths activities!

Week ending 19.1.18
Reception have come back after Christmas very excited to learn and what a busy two weeks we have had! We have had 3 Art days learning all about different light festivals and exploring different colours. Our role-play corner has changed to the Nursery Rhyme Shop. We have been busy making our own wands and crowns to sell in it. In English we have been reading the story of Cinderella and adding our own actions to the story. In Mathematics we have been exploring subtraction and learning about measure. As well as this we have been investigating ways we can stay healthy and making our own healthy fruit wands.

Week ending 1st December 2017

We have had such a busy week in Reception! We have been reading ‘How to Catch a Star’ and thought of how we would catch one. We thought about climbing a ladder and using a net but we realised we would have leave Earth to catch one! We decided that maybe a rocket would be the best way to catch a star. Also this week a Sainsbury’s lorry came to school, the tyres were as big as us! We sat inside and we couldn’t see our friends. We found out that it was very tricky for lorry drivers to see us so we need to be careful near the roads. On Friday a policeman came to visit us and we all wore our own badges and pretended to be policemen and women. We learnt all about how the police keep us safe at night and how police dogs help them by running fast. We went outside and sat in the police car, it even had a computer it in! We loved the flashing lights! 

Pictures of visitors to school

Week ending 3rd November 2017

We have been very busy in Reception this week! We went on a visit to the library. We listened to stories, looked at books and sang some nursery rhymes; we even got to take a book home! For PE we had some special visitors in who played instruction games and we pretended to be superheroes. In literacy we have been reading the story ‘Going on a Bear Hunt’ and we looked up different kinds of bears on the computer, we then went on a bear hunt of our own!

Week ending 20th October 2017

This week we have been reading the story of Stanley’s stick. We have been imagining what our sticks could be, from magic pens that create drawings that come to life to stick insects. In maths we have been learning about repetitive patterns and have even painted our own. As well as this we have been learning about why it is important to wash our hands, even when they look clean! We know that germs are invisible! 

Week ending 6th October 2017


This week in Reception we have been learning all about the Oxford Reading Tree characters, ready to take home our own reading books. We have been on character hunts, matching the characters and celebrating Kippers birthday party in our role-play area. In maths we have been matching objects and discussing equal sets. We were very lucky this week as Premier Sports came in to teach us how to dribble a ball. We had fun moving around in different ways pretending to be aeroplanes, landing and taking off in different ways.  

Week ending 22nd September 2017

This week in Reception we have been learning all about our families. We have been looking at pictures of us when we were babies and talking about how much we have grown! In maths we have been sorting objects into groups and learning how to catch a ball in our first PE lesson.

Week ending 8th September 2017

Our new Reception children are settling beautifully in their new learning environment. This term we will be making lots of new friends, getting used to school routines and finding out about our likes and dislikes. We will be sharing lots of stories and songs as well as learning our nursery rhyme ‘head, shoulders, knees and toes’.

Thank you for helping make the transition into ‘Big School’ easier by keeping hand overs in the morning positive and fun. It has made a huge difference in helping the children start their next learning adventure.