Our Mad Hatter’s Tea Party was held on Wednesday 10th February after school, which was a drop is session for all parents / carers to come with their children to explore the amazing activities around school and join in with our tea party.

Some of the comments from the parents and carers and children that attended are:

” Superb idea, thoroughly enjoyed by kids and mum. Thank you”

“Brilliant 10 out of 10”

“I can’t say which activity I’ve enjoyed as I enjoyed them all the most”
“My grandma had so much fun with me and enjoyed them all too”

“The afternoon was well planned, well organised and very enjoyable”

“All the activities were very well thought of and got the children thinking. The rooms were very well decorated and the teachers were fantastic to get the children involved”

“We had lots of family fun activities – Great idea”

“Excellent idea to promote maths skills, loved the link to the book”

“Well displayed and lots of informative things to do”

“Very entertaining, good ideas and learning”

“Was a brilliant idea for the children and parents to join in”