Online Teaching Tutorials – English and Mathematics

Good morning everyone!

How is everyone getting on at home?  We are all thinking about you and looking forward to when we are back with you in school. 

We have already added various activity packs to our website so that you have tasks to keep you busy and learning at home. 

Today we are adding links for some videos tutorials that will support you in completing certain English and Maths tasks.

English – Super Sentence Stacking

Video 1 – Activity Explanation

Video 2 – The Blue Umbrella, session 1

Video 3 – The Blue Umbrella, session 2

Video 4 – The Blue Umbrella, session 3

Maths Activities with Gareth Metcalfe

KS1 Maths Games

Year 3/4 Lessons

Year 5/6 Lessons



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