School Council New Business Venture

St James’ School Council have been extremely busy over the last couple of weeks as they look to open their Tuck Shop for KS2 children.

The shop, which opens on Wednesday 24th April, will be open at break time for Years 3 to 6 and will be selling products such as fruit and cereal bars.

Prior to it’s opening, we spoke to two members of the School Council, Aaron McBride-Skeech and James Abbot.

Why have you decided to open a tuck shop?

We wanted to raise money for reading supplies for the school and to promote healthy eating.

How do you know what you’re selling is what people want?

Over the last couple of weeks we sent out a questionnaire to the classrooms. We had a big response on what everyone wanted.

What is the biggest item people want to see in the tuck shop?

There was a big call for fruit juice and cereal bars. Luckily enough, these are the items we wanted to bring to the Tuck Shop.

What do you hope to achieve by running the shop?

Hopefully set up a successful shop which can continue next year.

What are your general thoughts about the business venture?

After our research, it showed that children wanted more variety at break times.

Children in FS2 and KS1 are already offered fruit as part of their break times, something KS2 children voiced that they would also like.

A lot of our classmates have asked for fruit at break times instead of the toast we currently get.



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