Here are a few quotes from our parents…

Stay & Play Session – 1st February 2019

“I liked watching how Ruby has improved on her math’s and speed at adding and subtracting.”

“I enjoyed seeing the different ways the children learn. All the methods can be used at home.”

“It was really good to see Amelia enjoying learning maths and the various ways you use to teach them. Se really enjoyed “part part whole” and will use this at home.”

“I was impressed with the different techniques Demi used to count numbers.”

Stay & Play Session – 5th October 2018

“I have really enjoyed seeing Tommy in Reception today. Lovely experience.”

“Ruby has shown me a lot of different areas today and a lot of different things she does through the week. I’ve understood the Dojo system and Rainbow and Clouds – Thank you”

“I enjoyed watching Logan get excited about showing me around. He loves outdoor play”

“I enjoyed playing in the garden centre area with Shaun”

Reading Morning – 4th December 2018

“Very interesting. Really enjoyed it. So much variety and the children enjoyed it. Will carry on at home. It went by too quick.”

“Learning about all the sounds for the letters and songs what they have been learning about. Ruby always comes home telling us.”

“Very helpful to see how the children learn their different letters and sounds. This will definitely help me to help him more at home.”

“Was good to see how the children are taught & learn words and enjoy doing it”