Welcome to Nurture

Here at St James Primary School we believe that all children should be encouraged to achieve their full potential through the provision of a nurturing, supportive and caring environment.

Our Nurture groups offer focused, intervention strategy’s which offer barriers to learning arising from social/emotional or behavioural difficulties, in an inclusive supportive manner.

We provide a balance of learning, teaching within a home like setting, building upon relationships as a core approach. Individual and group plans are formulated within nurture and teaching staff, also creating manageable targets and reviewing them regularly.

Core areas focused on in nurture are building positive relationships, social and communication skills, enforcing positive behaviour, friendships and building self-esteem/confidence. We have a regular visitor in nurture, ‘Chief’, he is part of the pets as therapy group. The children love to spend time with him. Children say “We love Chief because he is cute and fluffy and listens to us read”.

We aim to fulfill children’s individual needs and provide the skills needed to learn.