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Year 4 Curriculum Leaflet Autumn 2018


Have a look at our Year 4 Blog to see some of the wonderful things we have been doing during 2018-19

Year 4 BLOG week ending 14.06.19

Year 4 BLOG week ending 10.05.19

Year 4 BLOG week ending 26.04.19

Year 4 BLOG week ending 15.03.19

Year 4 BLOG week ending 08.02.19

Year 4 BLOG week ending 25.01.19

Year 4 BLOG week ending 16.11.18

Year 4 BLOG week ending 28.09.18

Year 4 BLOG week ending 14.09.18

Have a look at our Year 4 Blog to see some of the wonderful things we have been doing

Year 4 BLOG week ending 15.06.18

Year 4 BLOG week ending 18.05.18

Year 4 BLOG Week ending 04.05.18

Week ending 20.04.18


With our book being ‘Escape from Pompeii’, we have started to think about how a character might have felt in this period of time and what their experience might have been during the Pompeii earthquake.


In maths we are revisiting division this week by firstly looking at multiples and factors to understand the relation between the mathematical concepts. We will do this by looking at arrays and patterns through counters.


We have begun to look at Electricity this term. We will be exploring common electrical appliances to begin with and thinking about what questions we would like to be answered during this topic.

Week ending 23.03.18

Year Four

We have looked at statistics with challenging questions to test our knowledge and understanding. Graphs such as pictograms, tally charts, bar charts and line graphs were explored and even created.


By exploring our text; ‘the Kapok tree’ we have developed our own fact files about the rainforest and begun to create our informative text.


We have continued to look at states of matter, reenacting as has, liquids and solids as well as looking at what happens to chocolate through hot and cold temperatures.


We created our own magical potion with a main focus on key ingredients we mixed and thinking of the benefits it would have. We also explored our scientific knowledge of questioning how and why the potions expanded.

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week ending 09.03.18
Year 4 have been working very hard this week. They have focused on…

We have previously learnt about area and perimeter with mastery challenges to test our knowledge. To practise learning and remembering the difference between the two we have come up with actions as a class. We have now moved onto looking at money in many different contexts.

English: Myths and Legends.
After reading and exploring through the epic poem Beowulf, we have begun to plan and create a piece of narrative writing based on a battle between Grendel and Beowulf.

Topic: Potions!
In exploring our topic of potions, we have designed our own type of potion bottle with imaginative names and ideas. We have referred to Harry Potter potions for inspiration and our class read ‘The BFG’ by Roal Dahl. We have also explored the method behind making the potion by creating an instructional text.

Science: States of matter
With focusing on states of matter we have explored the differences between gases, liquids and solid particles. We have recently observed and investigated all about what cornflour and water does when mixed together.

Week ending 19.01.18

Children have been using their addition and subtraction knowledge to work out fraction questions as well as understanding equivalent fractions.


We have looked at kennings and now looking at poems from Judith Nicholls, we have begun to create descriptive poems together.


Following our topic this term ‘I am Warrior!’ we have begun to look at how Romans created their empire and designed Roman shields to make later on this term.

Christingle event:

Please see photos below. Children thoroughly enjoyed their trip this Thursday. The even involved watching drama performances, singing and dancing as well as joining in with prayers.

Week ending 8th December 2017

English: We have recently looked at ‘The Alchemist’s Letter’ to inspire us to create a persuasive letter. We are now looking back at descriptive writing in more depth and detail with lessons relating to expanded nouns phrases and fronted adverbials. To expand our vocabulary, we continue to practice our spellings and try to include our adjectives of the week to up-level and edit our work.

Maths: we are continuing to look at our multiples to help us recall our facts. After looking at time, we are now starting to look into interpreting data with challenging questions to complete.

History: We have continued to look at the evolution and history of dentistry before then beginning to look at the history of past medical treatments to relate to our topic; Burps, bottoms and bile.

R.E: We have continued to look at Light thinking and looking at Christingles. We have learnt about what Light means to other religions too, before then creating our own dance interpretations of what Light means to us. These can be viewed through a QR Code scan app placed in their R.E books.

Science: We are exploring and looking at internal organs and their functions. Children have been fascinated at videos and facts we have learnt so far.

Week ending 17th November 2017

English: We have been looking at ‘Dear Mrs.LaRue’ in great detail and used this text to look at persuasive techniques. Children have thought about the new vocabulary the book explored and these techniques in their own persuasive writing.


Maths: From multiplication to division. Children have been learning to use their multiplication skills to the test with very tricky questions these past weeks. We began to use counters to show sharing and group amounts before then progressing to the box method to calculate trickier sums involving 2 digit/3 digits dividends. 


Science: Following our Burps, bottoms and bile Topic unit this term, we have looked at the structure of teeth and their functions. We have used eggs for an investigation to represent the shell of a tooth and different liquids to see if there is any damage caused overtime. We also had a visit from a local dental nurse from Alverna House Practice, for children to probe any further questions. Please see the attached photo. 


History: Linked to our topic, we have begun to look at the history and evolution of dentistry across the ages. 

Week ending 3rd November 2017

English: We have explored and delved into the fantasy genre looking at J.K Rowling extracts from Harry Potter and C.S. Lewis’s The lion, the witch and the wardrobe. From looking at this greater depth, we have then created our own fantastic descriptive pieces of writing.

Maths: Multiple madness! We have been using our mathematical knowledge, reasoning skills and column methods to help us calculate tricky multiples. This will help us when we move onto division next week.

Science: With our topic being burps, bottoms and biles, we have started to investigate and observe all about teeth. Looking closely at their functions, hygiene and why it is important to have a healthy diet and clean our teeth twice a day.

Music: We are now using and looking at notation with recorder sessions every Thursday afternoon

Week ending 6th October 2017

In maths, we have been continuing to look at place value using a range of resources and challenges to deepen our understanding particularly with rounding, comparing, adding and subtracting.


We have completed deconstructing and then independently creating our own non-chronological reports as seen in pictures. We are now beginning to look at play scripts.


We are continuing with our topic of The Blue Abyss, exploring the oceans and investigations about salt water.

Week ending 22nd September 2017

This week, children have begun to explore rounding 4 digit numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 100 and were progressively challenged with word problems. We have begun to use our maths working wall to answer challenges given either by myself or have pupils have independently challenged one another as highlighted each day to further our mathematical understanding. 

In English we have started to to develop our own non-chronological report based on research before they begin to write their own next week. 

In Science we have begun to look at ‘The Blue Abyss’ in more further depth by classifying creatures before then looking at geographical locations (focusing mostly on oceans). 

Week ending 8th September 2017

  This week Year 4 have been listening attentively to our class reading book ‘The Hobbit’ by Tolkein each day, which we will continue to read towards the end of the day this term. This has been our main theme for our induction week in which we have discussed poetry within chapter one using their comprehensive skills. The book also challenges children’s vocabulary, and so we have explored the meaning and context of these words as a class.

   They have also designed and developed their own hobbit homes from their imagination based on what was described in the book so far in teams of their own choosing. Pictures shown are the children working with one another developing these hobbit homes and said they had ‘great fun making and painting our very own hobbit home’. In Art, they also created their own Gandalf firework displays which they thoroughly enjoyed. In Maths we have begun to look at our times tables, beginning with 6’s which we will continue to do into next week moving onto the 7 times table too. 

Week ending 30th June 2017
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Year 4 blog w.e.30.06.17

Week ending 16th June 2017
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Year 4 Blog w.e.16.06.17

Week Ending 12th May 2017
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Y4 Blog w.e. 12.05.17

Week Ending 28th April 2017
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Y4 Blog w.e. 28.04.17

Week Ending 17th March 2017

In maths we have been converting time into minutes and hours, we have also been looking at converting money using pounds and pence. It was exciting to use the clock within our classroom to help us with the time problems.

We have also been on a school trip to colderstones story barn. We met Pop the Pixie and Safari Steph. We enjoyed walking around the park listening to different stories. Our favourite was the book ‘Stuck’, lots of different things got stuck in the tree including a fire engine. We also made tile prints and were able to play upstairs in the story barn.

From our potion work we designed a potion bottle and made it out of clay. We used both coiling and slabbing techniques it was hard at first because you had to be really fast so the clay would not dry out. We have now painted our potion bottles it was really fun.

In science we have been looking at electricity finding out if different equipment has batteries or is powered by a plug. Somethings can have both. We also looked at dangers electricity can have around our home.

By Aaron and Amber

Week Ending 3rd March 2017

Our topic is potions and we want to to tell about what potions we have been doing! One of our potions is the Veritaserum potion; one splash on the tongue and you will be telling the truth every day; it will wear off.  Another potion is the Amortentia, this is a love potion. Also the  Pepperpup potion and this is a curing potion.

In English we learned about instructions, we wrote instructions for the Veritaserum potion

On world book day we learned about Dunkirk, we learned that they had a huge carnival. People said it was the maddest and craziest carnival ever. They all dressed in yellow macks and the the mayor came along and threw herring all over the crowds. Later on everyone gathered around the statue of Jean Bart. They sang and prayed for him.

In science we have been learning how to grow cress. It was fun. We poured in the soil, then we sprinkled the seeds on; next we put more soil on and finally we put cling film on.

In maths we are learning about width capacity and time measure.

Week Ending 27th January 2017

In maths we have been learning multiplication and division and how we can use it in a fact family. We did an activity were we had a circle and we folded it into triangles to form a fact family.

In science we have been learning states of matter were we answered many questions about solid,liquid and gases. We have done an experiment on states of matter. In the experiment we learned a lot.

When we went on the school trip to the Roman Museum in Chester we learned about the Romans and about archaeologists. We also learned what tools they would have used and were they would have gone to the toilet. Moreover  we found out where they ate and where they had a bath. We also marched around Chester like Romans. We had great fun.

By Keira Lee and Sophie Bradshaw

Week Ending 13th January 2017
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Y4 Blog week ending 20.01.17

Week Ending 4th November 2016
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Week Ending 14th October 2016
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Y4 Blog week ending 14-10-16

Week Ending 30th September 2016
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Y4 Blog week-ending-30-09-16

Week Ending 16th September 2016

We have been using our class text ‘Man Fish’, by Jennifer Berne.  We focused on a particular section of the text which we entitled ‘The Dive’. Using this as our stimulus, we wrote image poems based on interesting adverbs.  The following week, we explored free verse poems and, using the structure of Kit Wright’s, ‘The Magic Box’, we wrote our own free verse poetry based on ‘The Dive’.  Our work was fantastic!

Our topic is entitled, ‘Blue Abyss’.  To begin this topic, we have been locating the oceans of the world.  We are all eagerly awaiting our trip to the Blue Planet Aquarium on the 28th September.  We will be able to use what we learn on this trip in the rest of our topic work.

This week has seen the start of our new Science topic – Living Things and their Habitats. We revisited what we had studied in Year 2 by reminding ourselves of the seven characteristics of living things.  We remembered the special acronym MRS GREN to help us remember Movement, Respiration, Sensitivity, Growth, Reproduce, Excretion and Nutrition.  To coincide with our Blue Abyss topic, we looked at how sea creatures adapt to their habitat for survival.

In maths, we have been studying the concept of Place Value.  To compliment the new Programme of Study for Mathematics, our lessons have taken on the format of Fluency, Reasoning and Problem Solving.  To start a topic, we become fluent in a concept by using what we know in lots of ways. Next, we reason by talking about, and explaining, the things we have done before moving on to apply our knowledge to solve problems.  We have consolidated our understanding of the place value of four digit numbers in lots of practical ways using concrete resources and pictorial representations.

Week Ending 10th June 2016

We have been working hard on the planning stages of our Science Fiction stories.  There are lots of exciting events and plots involved alien invasions, man Vs machine battle and extra-terrestrial discoveries.  The children are doing an amazing job. May the force be with you Year 4!!

As sports day is upon us we have also been extremely busy with our enterprise challenge and have a fabulous business idea that we are looking forward to sharing with the school council and getting underway ready for you to sample at sports day.

In Maths we have been brushing up on our multiplication skills and really challenging ourselves with long multiplication (2-digit X 2-digit).  It’s been hard work but we have persevered.  Well done!

Week Ending 20th May 2016

We have been reading Greek Myths in year 4 and creating our own stories starring hideous creatures, fierce villains and courageous heroes.  Come and read our stories, they are fabulous!

In maths we have been working really hard on fractions, adding and subtracting fractions, finding a fraction of a number and decimal equivalents or fractions.

In dance we have been learning the groovy moves of dances from the popular High School Musical.  We have been practicing lots and can’t wait to show you on open night.

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